Lessons I Have Learned Through Motherhood

I have always considered myself a strong person.  I don't ask for much.  It's very important to me to be independent.  However, becoming a mother changes you.  People say this all the time, but I have learned it is so true.  You become responsible for someone else and you see the world completely different.

My son is only two years old, but already, he has taught me so much about my own life.  He's taught me to slow down, live in the moments and be appreciative for what we have presently, rather than focusing on what we are trying to achieve.  Below are some of the things that matter more to me since becoming a mother.

The amount of time spent with my husband and son.  I crave those moments when it is just the three of us.  Each day, we are all getting older.  My son will not be this long forever, my husband and I will not be around forever.  So, I love the moments we spend together as a family.  It is in those times that we make memories and share special moments.

Giving him those extra hugs and cuddles.  I heard an interview with a mother who had lost all of her children.  She said the day her children died, one of them had asked for an extra hug that morning before leaving for the day.  By night's end, her children were dead as a result of a violent act.  I've never forgotten about that interview.  Although we pray these types of situations never happen, what's the harm in stopping to give that extra hug?  It doesn't cost anything.

Not wasting time.  I've always been the type of person that prefers to avoid drama, not because I am afraid of confrontation, but rather because it is simply a waste of my time.  Time is precious, I don't want to waste it on things that don't matter.

Being a good example.  My son watches everything I do and say, so I try to be the kind of person I want him to be.  I joke with my husband and tell him when "I'm on my best behavior", but this is especially true when my son is around.  I try to constantly encourage my son to try new things, I don't want him to be afraid to live life.  I want him to have dreams and goals and be ambitious.  And, I don't want him to be afraid to fail or mess up, because those lessons too are a part of life.

My view of the world is a little softer with my son around.  I focus more on what's truly important and making sure he has a good life filled with happiness and good memories.  We teach him to be polite, adventurous, loving and independent.  He teaches us to be patient and compassionate, and taught me that it is okay to sometimes lean on the assistance of others.  This whole parenting thing is a learning experience for us all.


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