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Jalapeño Turkey Burgers

We had these awesome jalapeño hamburgers once at a family member's house.  I am not quite sure of the brand, but they tasted great.  After that, I started wondering how I could do this at home.  Since I normally make my burgers with ground turkey, I thought, I will have to see how these jalapeño turkey burgers turn out.

The picture above illustrates how the burgers look when finished.  Don't mind the massive piece of lettuce on this burger, the bottom of the bun is actually underneath it.

1 lb. ground turkey
1 jalapeño pepper, finely diced
Paprika to taste
Salt to taste

Dice the jalapeño as small as possible.  You want it to be fine so you don't bite into a huge chunk of jalapeño pepper once mixed into the burger patties.  However, if you would prefer bigger pieces, feel free to chop it differently, according to your tastes.

Discard the seeds of the pepper.

In a bowl, add the ground turkey, jalapeño pepper, paprika and salt.  I did not add too many other spice…

Making Patio Pavers

Here is what our patio looks like now.  It is still a work in progress.
We decided to make pavers for the patio using a mold.  This is a mold made by Pathmate in the Belgium style.  This seemed to be the simplest method for creating the patio.  By using the mold we saved money on the purchase of individual pavers, and saved time because we did not have to design and layout a pattern. 

To use the mold, simply mix concrete and pour it into the form.  Smooth off the top of the mold.  Allow the concrete to set for a couple of minutes.  Then, gently remove the mold.

This is how it looks when the mold is filled with concrete.

After letting it sit, lift the mold.

You can move on to the next mold setting immediately after lifting out the mold.

This is how the pavers were looking as we moved along.

This project obviously took several days to complete.  We discovered this would have worked out better if we had done the prep work and leveling on a weekend prior to the weekend we actually laid…