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Chevron Canvas Art

In searching the internet, I came across the House of Smiths blog.  I love what she has going on over there, especially her chevron rug tutorial.  It can be found here.

Here at our home, I had no place for a beautiful rug like that.  However, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate that chevron pattern somewhere in our decor.  Since we are still working on putting our master bedroom together, I thought we could apply the same technique to canvas and use it as wall art.

We used acrylic paint in two colors, Linen and Patina, both by Folk Art.

First, we painted the entire canvas with the Linen paint.  Then let it dry.

The next step was to create a stencil for our design.  We created our stencil using wide width masking tape.  If you don't have wide width masking tape (about 2 inches wide), you can always use regular masking tape and double up the lines of the stencil you are creating.  This part took the longest because we had to get the spacing just right, and even still …

Honey & Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

I have been using this conditioner for a while now.  The only bad thing about it is that I am inconsistent in using it.  It has two simple ingredients, honey and olive oil. 

Honey and  Olive Oil Deep Conditioner Recipe
1 cup of honey
2 tbsp of olive oil

Stir the mixture together.  Simply put the mixture on your dry hair and let it sit for about fifteen minutes.  I recommend using a plastic cap to cover your hair, like any other deep conditioning treatment, it may drip down from your hair while you wait. 

Now all you have to do is wash your hair as usual.  When your hair dries, it will be soft, shiny and have some bounce to it.

Cinnamon Toast Breakfast

I am not sure of the original origin of this recipe.  This is a quick and easy breakfast I have been making since I was a kid.  My childhood neighbor showed it to me one summer morning while she was babysitting her younger brother and me. 

First, to make the cinnamon and sugar mixture, simply fill a container (I used a glass bottle) about halfway with sugar, pour a layer of cinnamon, shake the container, add a little more sugar to fill the container and shake again to mix.  Like this:

Now toast bread in the toaster.  Put butter on the toast.  I do this by rubbing the butter directly on the toast.  When the toast is warm, it mealts the butter instantly.

Once the toast is covered with butter, sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mix on the bread.  It does not take a lot of the mix to get the desired taste.  If you use a resealable container for your cinnamon and sugar, you can save the rest for later.

Now you have breakfast in about five minutes!  It is so yummy and it is a meatless option.�…

Making Art with Fabric

Here is a DIY wall art idea.  I wanted some artwork that would bring in the pattern of my throw pillows.  I had heard of covering canvas in fabric and even framing fabric before, but I wondered how it would come out to using those unfinished frames from Hobby Lobby.  I had not really seen anyone attempt to stain them, but it sounded fairly easy.

These are the supplies I used:  unfinished wooden 12 x 12 frames from Hobby Lobby, a half of a yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby (this was later cut along the center line to make two pieces), Minwax stain (in whatever color you decide), a sanding block and a brush.

First, I used the sanding block to smooth the rough sides of the frame.  Once the frames were completely smooth to the touch, the stain was applied with the paintbrush. 

I did not use primer for this project, thinking I could skip this step.  That was not my best idea.  Primer should have been used here.  The wood would have taken on the stain better had that been done.  Oh well, you l…

Strawberry Slush

I love these slushes!  Mr. C and I sometimes call them "smoothies", but we do not put any dairy products in them. 

Strawberry Slush
2 cups of strawberries (can be frozen or fresh)
1/2 cup water
1 cup ice
1 tbsp honey
1/2 cup sugar (optional, depending on how sweet you want it to taste)

Blend at a high speed until all ice is crushed.  Once ice is crushed, you have a lovely, smooth and tasty strawberry slush.  It is just that simple.

Mr. C and I try to drink these slushes as much as possible.  Strawberries are known for being high in vitamin C, benefiting the immune system.  They can also help with inflammation.  So, drink up!  This is a great breakfast option.

Old Has Become New

Mr. C and I have recently moved.  We have been trying to figure out how to decorate each room in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.  Since it is just us, we have two guest rooms right now.  So I needed to create a space for doing crafts and sewing.  Instantly I thought of a craft table.  So I scoured Craigslist and found a local flea market that had an old butcher block style kitchen table. 

It was only $40 and a little scratched up, but that didn't matter because I knew I wanted to paint it black anyway.  I used Rustoleum products.  No, this post is not sponsered by them.  They, in fact, have no idea of who I am.  However, I have used these products in the past and found them to work well.  I used the gray primer and black semi-gloss paint.

First I primed the piece with the spray primer.  That stuff is so easy to use.  Especially if you get one of those triggers for the spray can, it makes spray painting a breeze.

I let the primed piece dry for a couple of ho…

Allow me to introduce myself

Welcome to Lucid Creativity.  I am Mrs. C and I have started this blog to share with the world ideas I have and projects I complete.  There are tons of hobbies in my life, including baking, cooking, sewing, organizing, and beauty.  This is my first post, so I am still figuring out how to fit all these interests into a blog, but I will try to make this all make sense.  Please bear with me as I navigate this new journey.

Thank you for stopping by...
Mrs. C