Chevron Canvas Art

In searching the internet, I came across the House of Smiths blog.  I love what she has going on over there, especially her chevron rug tutorial.  It can be found here.

Here at our home, I had no place for a beautiful rug like that.  However, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate that chevron pattern somewhere in our decor.  Since we are still working on putting our master bedroom together, I thought we could apply the same technique to canvas and use it as wall art.

We used acrylic paint in two colors, Linen and Patina, both by Folk Art.

First, we painted the entire canvas with the Linen paint.  Then let it dry.

The next step was to create a stencil for our design.  We created our stencil using wide width masking tape.  If you don't have wide width masking tape (about 2 inches wide), you can always use regular masking tape and double up the lines of the stencil you are creating.  This part took the longest because we had to get the spacing just right, and even still there are a few imperfections in our design.  But art is imperfect anyway, right?  Once the masking tape was in place, we painted between the tape with the Patina color.

After the second color had a chance to dry, we peeled the masking tape off. 

This is the finished product.


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