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Ashley Wilcot Sectional...One Year Later

From the looks of the traffic on the blog here, the post I made about the Ashley Wilcot Sectional is the most popular post.  And, a number of you have asked for an update on the sofa.  Well, here it is.  No, really, below is a picture of the sectional taken yesterday.  Above is a picture of how the sectional usually looks with my throw on the end of the chaise.

It was a little overcast outside, so the picture is not the best.  But, it's good enough to provide you with the update on the sofa.  When we purchased the sofa, it was a new model.  I had not seen too many reviews about it.  At the time, it was the number two selling item at Ashley.  So, we had to wait quite a while to get our sectional.
Now, a year later, we are still happy with it.  I have noticed a little pilling on the cushion in the middle on the side closest to the chaise.  But, it is not anything major.  And, I don't think anyone else has noticed it.

We use the sectional daily.  Most of the time, we sit or lay …

It's Been A While...

I haven't blogged much this year.  That is mainly due to the fact that we have a pretty busy schedule.  Mr. C works two jobs and six days a week.  I work full time as well.  In our spare time, we try to spend time with our Little Mister and carve out some time for our extended family also.  We managed to fit in some great vacations this year, including the Little Mister's first trip to Disney World and a family trip to Washington, DC.  Life is short, and these moments are fleeting.  We have chosen to spend our time making memories.

Aside from our busy lifestyle, 2016 has been...rough, to say the least.  We've lost several family members this year.  Mr. C was laid off from one of his jobs, but has luckily just found and started a new one.  But, we are Louisiana residents and, unless you've been living under a rock, you know it's been a crazy 2016 in Louisiana.  It all began with the shooting of Alton Sterling.  Our city has always had an underlying element of racia…