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Towel Storage

When our house was built, we didn't pay attention to the fact that our master bathroom did not include a linen closet.  Mr. C says he mentioned it once, but I don't remember him mentioning it.  We were a little green about building and although we did ultimately invest in a few upgrades, we did not want to go overboard.  So, when he made mention of adding a linen closet, I'm sure we tabled that idea in favor of keeping our costs lower.

For years, we used one of those flimsy metal towel racks that goes over the toilet.  Except, we didn't have ours over the toilet.  We had it against a wall in our bathroom.  It served the purpose of storing our towels.  But, it wasn't the nicest thing to look at in our bathroom.  I bought a couple of bathroom cabinets in the past, but they were all too short for our 8 foot ceilings.  And, they didn't look good in such a big bathroom.

I had been on a search to find the perfect piece.  For the last two years, I had actually been l…