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Rejuvenating the Play Set

Our son, the Little Mister, has had this wooden play set for about three years now.  He loves it!  This Denver Wooden Swing Set was a gift from Santa his very first Christmas.  It sits in our backyard where there is sun beaming on it for most of the day.  Although it is still a rather new unit, it had started to fade pretty badly.  And, the fabric over the fort was torn at the top, from years of waving in the wind.

We knew it needed a refresh.  So, we decided to stain it and change the fabric over the fort.  We were able to do everything in one weekend.  For this project, we enlisted the help of my brother and my husband's teenage cousin.  She did a perfect job getting into the hard to reach nooks and crannies we struggled to get to with our old backs and knees.

The first step to this refresh was to remove the slide and swings from the unit.  We removed all the hardware from the wood, except the adjoining plates on the top corners of the swing set portion.  We sanded all the wood…

Valentine's Day Goodies

It's time for the Valentine's Day class parties to commence!  I'm trying to make up this holiday for forgetting the Little Mister's Christmas party in December.  I know, I'm a "Bad Mom".  The date just snuck up on me that time.  But, I did send treats a day later to make up for it.

Although I enjoy baking, I've decided to lay off the baked goodies this holiday.  Several of the kids will be distributing candy, cookies and cupcakes for the party.  I am opting to go with a non-food treat.
When deciding what to bring, I thought about something my son loves.  And that is, Play-Doh, the moldable, squishy, ball of fun.  
I ordered a couple of miniature Play-Doh party packs that I found at Target.  It can be found here.  I picked up some clear cellophane treat bags from Dollar Tree, found here.  And, I made some labels to fold over and staple to the bags.  I just made this using a simple Word document.  All the supplies I used are pictured below.

I dropped the Pl…

"Disney Newbie" Shirt

It's February!  Last February, we took the Little Mister to Walt Disney World for the first time.  We were going to be in Orlando for something else, so we decided to take a little time to bring him to Disney World.  It was the perfect opportunity because he got to go with his uncles, both of this grandmothers, one of his grandfathers...even his only living great-grandmother joined us.  What a blessing it was to be able to share his first Disney experience with all of those loved ones!

We had a blast on the trip!  We only did one day at the park, but that was all we had time for.  It was a great introduction to theme parks for the little dude.

Before going to the park, I decided to make a shirt that said "Disney Newbie".  I wanted the Little Mister to have a shirt to commemorate his first Disney Park experience.  I also wanted to make him a shirt that would be easily identifiable in the event he wandered off from us and got lost.  We were lucky to have so many adults w…