Valentine's Day Goodies

It's time for the Valentine's Day class parties to commence!  I'm trying to make up this holiday for forgetting the Little Mister's Christmas party in December.  I know, I'm a "Bad Mom".  The date just snuck up on me that time.  But, I did send treats a day later to make up for it.

Although I enjoy baking, I've decided to lay off the baked goodies this holiday.  Several of the kids will be distributing candy, cookies and cupcakes for the party.  I am opting to go with a non-food treat.

When deciding what to bring, I thought about something my son loves.  And that is, Play-Doh, the moldable, squishy, ball of fun.  

I ordered a couple of miniature Play-Doh party packs that I found at Target.  It can be found here.  I picked up some clear cellophane treat bags from Dollar Tree, found here.  And, I made some labels to fold over and staple to the bags.  I just made this using a simple Word document.  All the supplies I used are pictured below.

I dropped the Play-Doh in each treat bag, folded the card around the opening of the bag and secured it with a staple.  It took me less than thirty minutes to do thirty treat bags for the class.  

This is a simple idea that can be done at the last minute for parties.  Since I missed the Christmas party last year, I am trying to be more organized and come up with these ideas in advance, hence another reason for the non-edible treats.  As I come up with more ideas like this, I will post them here.  Hopefully, these quick ideas will help my fellow working parents out there.


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