Mickey Mouse Cookies and DIY Cookie Cutter

For the Little Mister's Mickey Mouse themed party, we wanted to have some cookies decorated with the Mickey theme.  I had a difficult time locating the right size cookie cutter locally.  I found a set of Mickey Mouse cookie cutters, but they would have made for some really small cookies.

I had seen a few things on the internet about making your own cookie cutter.  I was running out of time and had difficulty finding the right size mouse face and ears in a cookie cutter,  I decided to give making my own cutter a try.

I used this tutorial by Queen Leilani on YouTube.  The instructions for making the cutter begin around the two minute mark of the video.  This video was apparently a contest submission, so she does quite a bit of talking before the tutorial.  However, her instructions on actually making the cutter are quite easy to follow.

The cookie cutter I made came out better than I expected.  I just kind of kept playing around with the shape until it seemed just right.  The true test would be using it.  But, I figured out that if I simply placed the cutter over the rolled out dough and pressed it down into the dough with the palm of my hand, it worked well.


Let's backtrack a little bit and talk about the recipe I used to make the cookies.  The recipe I used for the cookies came from In Katrina's Kitchen.  It can be found here.  They are supposed to bake for about 6 - 8 minutes. I baked mine for 8 minutes.  After cooling, I began decorating them.

For the royal icing, I used Ashley's recipe from the Kitchen Meets Girl blog.  The recipe can be found here.  After mixing the initial batch of icing, I left some white, and colored the rest red and black.  Of the red and black icing, I separated out some and added a little water to it to thin it out a bit.  The thinner consistency is used for "flooding" or filling the cookies.  The thicker consistency is used to outline the cookies.

To decorate the cookies, I worked on them one section at a time.  So, for the Mickey themed cookies, I began with the ears.  I outlined them in black with the royal icing.

Using the thinner consistency icing, and a spoon, I carefully drizzled the black flooding icing within the black outline.  I used the spoon to carefully spread the icing.  It does not take a lot of icing to flood the space.  So, go slow when trying this yourself.

After completing the ears, I used the same technique to complete the red pants, outlining first, then filling the outlined space.

To create the white buttons, I waited until the cookies were almost dry.  Then, I used some of the white royal icing and a piping bag to put the two buttons on the pants portion of the cookie.

Here was the finished cookie once it dried completely.

And, here is a sea of mouse ears.  This is how we displayed the cookies at the party.  I think they turned out pretty cool.  They are definitely worth a try.


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