Mickey Mouse Buttercream Transfer Cake

Remember when I did the LSU cake years ago?  The technique I used on that cake was called a buttercream transfer.  Well, I recently did another cake using that technique for the Little Mister's Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

I started with a picture of Mickey Mouse, taped down to the counter, with a piece of wax paper taped over it.  Using the appropriate colors for the character, I outlined the face with a size 5 Wilton tip in black buttercream icing.  I continued to fill in all the areas that required black.  To do this, I prefer to use a diagonal motion.  I don't know why, but it just worked for me.

The Little Mister had fun watching me work on his cake.  I thought that was the sweetest thing.  That's something special about making his cakes, we get to share these special moments together.

Once I completed filling in the face with all the colors, it was time to stick this in the freezer.


I actually flipped an aluminum pan upside down and laid the wax paper with the design on top of it.  I wanted to ensure it stayed flat as it froze.  I stuck it on a shelf in the freezer and froze it overnight.

The next day, when I was ready to transfer it on my cake, I pulled it out.  I didn't pull the frozen buttercream character out until I was ready to use it because I didn't want it to start defrosting while I was smoothing out the cake.  This technique works best when the transfer is frozen.  The heat from your hand will start to defrost it as you lay it on the cake anyway.

I placed the transfer, buttercream side down, on the cake and gently lifted the wax paper away from the cake, leaving the buttercream figure on the cake.

This is the finished product.

I finished off the cake with a star border at the top and bottom of the cake.

One thing I would like to mention about using this technique is if you are transferring an image that is direction specific, print your copy of the image to trace in reverse.  Doing so will ensure your buttercream transfer comes out in the proper direction.


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