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Fish Cake

The Little Mister loves fish.  He likes to talk about the fish in the pond behind our house.  He likes to look at the fish in the tank at the store.  He just loves fish.  So much so that I decided to do a fish cake for him for his birthday.

We don't often let Little Mister have sweets.  We are slowly easing him into the world of the sugar overload.  I'm not a sugar free zealot or anything, but we are trying to keep him from being heavily dependent on sugar.  Since he is not a regular cake eater, I decided to make his birthday cake as simple as possible.  I made a white cake with french vanilla icing.  I will share that icing recipe with you in a later post.

This cake is only a 6 inch round cake.  One batch of the french vanilla icing recipe did the trick for the entire cake.  I mixed up four colors of icing for this cake.  After putting a layer of white icing between the layers of the cake, I pull out about a tablespoon of icing and colored it black.  This will be used only to…

Making A Comeback

It has been quite a while since I have blogged here, over two years, to be precise.  Those years have been well spent.  In that time, our son was born and we have spent time enjoying every moment with the Little Mister.  There was less time left for leisure blogging.  We completed fewer projects and the ones we have worked on seem to have taken us much longer to complete.  But, it's all worth it.  We have a happy, healthy and seemingly mature toddler to show for it, with whom we have already created so many great memories with our son.

I feel like now is a good time to return to the blog and start writing again.  I have so many new ideas and projects to share.  It is time for me to get back to some of the things I love doing.  It is time for "the mommy" to get back to being herself.  I want to learn how to balance my life better and integrate things I enjoy doing while taking care of my responsibilities.

So, I'm back, but with some changes.  For one,  I will be blog…