Fish Cake

The Little Mister loves fish.  He likes to talk about the fish in the pond behind our house.  He likes to look at the fish in the tank at the store.  He just loves fish.  So much so that I decided to do a fish cake for him for his birthday.

We don't often let Little Mister have sweets.  We are slowly easing him into the world of the sugar overload.  I'm not a sugar free zealot or anything, but we are trying to keep him from being heavily dependent on sugar.  Since he is not a regular cake eater, I decided to make his birthday cake as simple as possible.  I made a white cake with french vanilla icing.  I will share that icing recipe with you in a later post.

This cake is only a 6 inch round cake.  One batch of the french vanilla icing recipe did the trick for the entire cake.  I mixed up four colors of icing for this cake.  After putting a layer of white icing between the layers of the cake, I pull out about a tablespoon of icing and colored it black.  This will be used only to create eyes and a mouth on the fish.  Another tablespoon of the white icing I colored orange, to use for making the fish.  About a cup of the white icing I took out and colored green.  It will be used for creating greenery and a shell border around the top edge of the cake.  The icing that was left in the bowl was colored blue.  This icing is for icing the cake blue.

Here are the steps on how I actually decorated the cake.  First, I started by icing the entire cake blue.  I always ice the sides of the cake and then move to the top.  Depending on the design, I will make the icing appear smoother.  For this cake, since the theme was underwater, I wanted the icing to appear a little uneven, like waves.

Next, I added the little orange fish to the cake.  I did this by using tip number 5 and making an slight oval-like loop with a triangle-like tail to it.  (That is the best way I can describe what I did here.) After making the outline of the fish, I simply filled it by continuing to trace the outline moving from the outer part toward the inner part until the entire fish was filled in.  To make the icing not look like overlapping lines, I kind of smeared it a little within the fish.  Be very careful doing this, just gently run the tip over the part you want to smear.

I repeated this technique making a few little fish periodically placed around the cake.  There is no science to this, simply eyeball it and do what you see fit.  Using the green icing and a number 5 tip, I made some little squiggly lines coming up from the bottom of the cake.  I wanted it to look like the fish were swimming around seaweed.  Since this was a child's cake, I wanted the seaweed to appear a bit whimsical, rather than more realistic.

I used the number 67 tip and the green icing (the same tip usually used for making leaves) to make it look like there was some greenery on the floor of the "ocean" around the cake.  This also served as my bottom border on the cake.

I added a green shell border at the top edge around the cake using a number 21 tip.

Then, using the little bit of black icing I had mixed up and the number 4 tip, I added an eye and a smile to the fish.  These fish needed a bit of personality.

I added the wording to the top using the orange icing.  And, voila!!!


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