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Mickey Mouse Buttercream Transfer Cake

Remember when I did the LSU cake years ago?  The technique I used on that cake was called a buttercream transfer.  Well, I recently did another cake using that technique for the Little Mister's Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.

I started with a picture of Mickey Mouse, taped down to the counter, with a piece of wax paper taped over it.  Using the appropriate colors for the character, I outlined the face with a size 5 Wilton tip in black buttercream icing.  I continued to fill in all the areas that required black.  To do this, I prefer to use a diagonal motion.  I don't know why, but it just worked for me.

The Little Mister had fun watching me work on his cake.  I thought that was the sweetest thing.  That's something special about making his cakes, we get to share these special moments together.

Once I completed filling in the face with all the colors, it was time to stick this in the freezer.

I actually flipped an aluminum pan upside down and laid the wax paper with the…

Mickey Mouse Cookies and DIY Cookie Cutter

For the Little Mister's Mickey Mouse themed party, we wanted to have some cookies decorated with the Mickey theme.  I had a difficult time locating the right size cookie cutter locally.  I found a set of Mickey Mouse cookie cutters, but they would have made for some really small cookies.

I had seen a few things on the internet about making your own cookie cutter.  I was running out of time and had difficulty finding the right size mouse face and ears in a cookie cutter,  I decided to give making my own cutter a try.

I used this tutorial by Queen Leilani on YouTube.  The instructions for making the cutter begin around the two minute mark of the video.  This video was apparently a contest submission, so she does quite a bit of talking before the tutorial.  However, her instructions on actually making the cutter are quite easy to follow.

The cookie cutter I made came out better than I expected.  I just kind of kept playing around with the shape until it seemed just right.  The tru…