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New Furniture! The Ashley Wilcot Collection and McAdams Recliner

After seven years with this cute, but uncomfortable cheap sofa, we have finally moved on to something new.  I had been telling my husband for years, we work hard, at minimum we should be comfortable in our own house.  The problem with this sofa is that the cushions were rather flat, once you sat down on the piece.  Also, the seat depth was too long for my short legs.  It forced me to sit in an awkward position that was uncomfortable and hard on my lower back.

Here's our old sofa and living room setup.

So, after much back and forth about the type of sofa we wanted, we finally decided on something we could both agree on.  He was team three cushion couch, I was team sectional.  I think the standard three cushion sofa is so uncomfortable.  Who wants to sit down without putting their feet up?  I love sectionals because they are comfy and my favorite spot is the corner seat.

But, Mr. C is right, they can be big, take up a lot of room and limit your ability to change the configurations…

Vanilla Cake Balls

Mr. C is not a huge fan of chocolate.  When I made the chocolate cake balls a while back, he requested I try cake balls with all vanilla cake and vanilla almond bark.  So, I made these using the exact same process as the chocolate cake balls.  The tutorial can be found here.

For these, I used a box of Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix, 1/4 cup of all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 can of vanilla frosting (Duncan Hines again), and 1 package of vanilla almond bark (again, I used the Albertson's brand).

Here's how you make these little yummies happen.  Bake the cake and allow it to cool.  Crumble up the cake into little pieces.  See the picture below, this is what it looks like all crumbled.

Then, add the entire can of vanilla frosting to the crumbles.

Stir all of the frosting into the crumbles until it is fully incorporated.

Now, here's where you will probably get annoyed with me.  For whatever reason, I failed to take any pictures of the rest of the proc…