Cinnamon Toast Breakfast

I am not sure of the original origin of this recipe.  This is a quick and easy breakfast I have been making since I was a kid.  My childhood neighbor showed it to me one summer morning while she was babysitting her younger brother and me. 

First, to make the cinnamon and sugar mixture, simply fill a container (I used a glass bottle) about halfway with sugar, pour a layer of cinnamon, shake the container, add a little more sugar to fill the container and shake again to mix.  Like this:

Now toast bread in the toaster.  Put butter on the toast.  I do this by rubbing the butter directly on the toast.  When the toast is warm, it mealts the butter instantly.

Once the toast is covered with butter, sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mix on the bread.  It does not take a lot of the mix to get the desired taste.  If you use a resealable container for your cinnamon and sugar, you can save the rest for later.

Now you have breakfast in about five minutes!  It is so yummy and it is a meatless option. 


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