Nursery Project: Newspaper Art

This was a project I saw on Pinterest.  It originally appeared on the Southern Belle Soul, Mountain Bride Heart blog and can be found here.  I knew I wanted to try it for the nursery.

Pinned Image

We decided to go with an inspirational quote I saw on Pinterest as well, "Wake up and be awesome".  It seemed fun and motivating, perfect for a little boy's room.

For this project, you will need Mod Podge, a sponge brush, canvas, newspaper, peel and stick letters, acrylic paint and a yard stick.

First apply a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the canvas with the sponge brush.

Put the newspaper on the canvas, pressing firmly to get rid of air and creases.  It works best if you start on one end and then slowly move across to the other end.

Flip the canvas over and apply Mod Podge to the sides and back of the canvas along the edges.  Wrap the newspaper around the edges.

Carefully wrap the corners so they do not bunch up.  If your newspaper bunches up, this will show once the canvas has been painted.

You may want to dab a little Mod Podge over the newspaper on the back to make sure it adheres to the canvas along the edges.

Now, apply the peel and stick letters to the newspapered canvas.  If you would like, you can use the yard stick to ensure the letters are even on the surface.

Using the acrylic paint of your choice, paint over the entire canvas.  Paint over the lettering and paint the sides all the way around.

This is how it will look once everything is painted.

Allow the paint to dry on the canvas.  Once it has dried, gently peel off the letters.  As you peel away the letters, the newspaper underneath will be revealed.  Be careful not to rip the newspaper off with the letters.

Once the letters have been pulled off, your newspaper artwork is complete.  You can put a coat of Mod Podge over the entire finished product, but I chose to not do that so the picture would have a matte finish to it.


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