Garden Progress

I planted this garden a little over a month ago.  Since planting, I've been tracking the progress of my plants.  The picture above shows how all the plants look now.  We are experiencing a little growth here, folks.

I try to keep the plants watered well.  It has been raining fairly regularly here, so I haven't had to water everyday to keep the soil moist.  Lately, I have started to notice that some of the leaves are yellowing.  This happened before with my tomato plant a few years ago.  Either the sun is burning the leaves or my plant is having water issues.  I'm still trying to figure this one out.

My first attempt at a solution will be to address the water issues.  Although we have had almost daily rain, I will try keeping it more watered and see if that helps.  I've also been considering installing a drip irrigation system to assist with keeping the soil moist enough.  We will see how this works out.  Of course, if I do, I will document it.

Currently, I have one bell pepper making an appearance.  It's getting quite big.  I must say, it impresses me a bit.

And the creole tomatoes and grape tomatoes are popping out too.

Growing my own edibles is quite exciting for me and my toddler.  I hope they are just as tasty as they are starting to look.


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