Coffee Filter Wreath

While looking for a Spring wreath idea, I came across this lovely coffee filter rose wreath on Pinterest. This idea originated from the Lovely Crafty Home blog.

It seemed as if it was easy enough to do.  Paint the coffee filters with desired colors for your "flowers".

Lay them flat to dry.  I did not mind if some of the colors bled through, it seemed more like the natural variations that occurred in real flowers.

Then, gather them up into groups of three filters, fold into quarters.

I loved seeing this sea of coffee filters once the folding was complete.

Then I cut out the the bottoms, to form the smaller circles in the rings.  I cut a slit in the rings.  The smaller circles were opened, separated and twisted at the center.  I placed the three smaller circles from each bunch at one end of the long strip of masking tape.  Then the three rings from each bunch were gathered and lined along the strip of masking tape.

The strip of masking tape with the filters taped to it was rolled around itself to form a pretty flower.

With one down and several more to go, I repeated the process to create the next flower.

And, that is where the trouble began.  The second flower came out horribly.  It was shaped weird and looked tight despite my efforts to spread out the petals.

The project took a turn, and suddenly I envisioned a wreath that looked like a hot mess hanging on my door.  So, I sat there thinking what I could possibly do with all these coffee filters I had painted, folded and cut.  Then, this idea came to me that I could use the rings and adhere them to the Styrofoam wreath form.  And so it began...

First, I secured a ribbon around the wreath form for hanging. 

Then, I took the rings and cut a slit in several, a few at a time.  It probably only took about 20 or so to complete the entire wreath.

Then, I layered the rings around the Styrofoam form, gathering them to give the illusion of petals.  I continually layered the rings around working my way to the center of the form.

The finished product looked like this.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with how it ended up coming out.


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