Early Girl Tomato Update

The first fruit from my Early Girl plants I first told you about back in April, had ripened.  I pulled it and inspected it.  It was a nice size.  This is a medium sized fruit, a little smaller than my palm and plump.  It was it had a true red color to it.

The taste was great.  It wasn't too bitter or sweet.  It was good enough to eat like an apple, if you are into that sort of thing.  I'm into that sort of thing.

So far, this is the first of only two fruit on my plant.  I don't plan to grow anymore than the two tomato plants I have for now because I don't need a lot of tomatoes.  Currently, the plants are still in that medium sized round plant.  I have noticed they have gotten taller, so I may need to add a cage so they don't droop.  However, I don't think the plants have yet outgrown the pot.  That may change as the summer continues and the plants progress.

I'm so excited about growing my first tomato!  This is very rewarding, who knows, I may become an avid gardener after all!


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