Tomato Growing

I am working on growing tomatoes.  We don't need a lot, so I started a couple of tomato plants in a medium sized pot.  There are a large variety of tomato plants out there.  I chose the Early Girl tomato.

It is round in size, described as a globe type.  One of my favorite features is that it is considered an early and late bloomer.  I believe from the information I have read on it, that it happens to be one of the tomato varieties that blooms the longest.

This is a picture of my first tomato blooming.  I do not have much success with gardening, but am actively trying to get better.  I will update you on the progress of my Early Girls later.

In other gardening news, the Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree still has green buds on the tree.  None of them have turned yellow yet.  I am considering adding some type of fertilizer to the soil, that might help them progress.


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