Wedding Idea: Coloring Books for Children

We had several children at our wedding.  We have large families with lots of children, so we invited them to the wedding.  To keep the little one's occupied, we made coloring books.  My aunts were gracious enough to put together the books.  They used a spiral spine for them.  All of those supplies can be purchased at an Office Depot.

You can search the web for various pictures in black and white, like I did.  I simply pasted the graphics and enlarged them on the pages to create the coloring pages.

I have heard of some brides using their own pictures and converting those to coloring pages with editing software.  I did not have the software to do that, nor did I know much about how to use it.  So, for this project, I kept it simple.

A template for the book we used can be found here.

Note:  I do not own, nor do I claim to own the rights to any of these images.  This was strictly for personal use and to entertain the little ones in our company for the wedding.  No profit was made off of the use of these photos.

You can also purchase crayons in bulk for a great price from  The site is an online wholesale vendor where you can get a case of crayons.


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