Easter Wreath

For this project, you will need a Styrofoam wreath, some green shaggy yarn, some wide ribbon, a pack of tiny plastic eggs, scissors and a glue gun.

First, wrap the yarn around the wreath form once, tie a knot to secure it.

Then continue to wrap the yarn around the wreath, tucking in any left over pieces from the end you tied. You want to conceal it behind the yarn. Wrap the entire wreath with the yarn and tie a knot to secure the end in place also.  

Once this is done, you are ready to add the eggs.  The yarn should give the illusion of grass, hence the purpose of getting the shaggy yarn. Glue the eggs in place, leaving a space at the top to tie a ribbon for hanging the wreath and a space at the bottom for a bow.

Add a bow at the bottom of the wreath.

Now your wreath is ready to be hung on a door.


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