Homemade Leave-In Conditioner

I have been using a homemade leave in conditioner for a little while now.  I have naturally curly hair, so it tends to eat up moisture.  When dry, it gets frizzy.  This conditioner seems to work well on my hair.  It makes it soft and gives it a sheen.

5 ounces aloe vera gel
1 ounce jojoba oil (can be found at health food store)
3 ounces regular conditioner (I used Creme of Nature)
distilled water
24 ounce spray bottle

Put the aloe vera gel in spray bottle.  Add the jojoba (pronounced "ha-ho-ba") oil, the conditioner.  Fill the bottle up with distilled water up to the 19 ounce mark.  Shake well and you are done.

Now, because this conditioner has some heavy ingredients, as it sits, they tend to settle.  So it is best to shake well prior to use just to mix everything up again.

When applying the conditioner to hair, squirt some into your hands rub your hands together and apply to hair.  Do this as many times as necessary to coat hair evenly.  Style as desired.  You can also use it for wash and goes.


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