Laundry Room Cabinets

We wanted to install cabinets in our laundry room above our washer and dryer.  Since we were unable to find cabinets at Lowes or Home Depot to match the color of the cabinets in our house, we decided to paint unfinished cabinets.  This proved to be a very economical option also.

Measure the area in which you want to hang the cabinets.  This step is important because although you think a space is a certain width, the actual dimensions may be slightly off.  You have to account for the thickness of Sheetrock between the studs.  Our space was too small for two 36 inch wide cabinets, so we had to get two 30 inch cabinets.  We decided we would customize our space to account for the difference with shelves or a rod for hanging clothes.

More than a tutorial on how to actually hang the cabinets, this is how to get them to look like they came from the factory with the color you desire.  For us, it was a deep Walnut brown spray paint.  The first step is to remove the doors from the cabinets.  They should look like this.

Then we taped off the inside of the cabinets and the outer parts we did not want spray painted.  For the outside, I used old newspaper and carefully taped it so that only the wood I wanted painted would be exposed.  On the inside of the cabinets, I used plastic drop cloth material for the inside.

For these, I used Rust-oleum primer in white and Satin Dark Walnut because it is the closest match to the cabinetry throughout our house.

Since the cabinets are ready to paint, you don't need to sand or anything.  Simply apply spray primer, then spray on the paint. 

Once the doors and cabinets frames have been primed, spray the pieces with the colored spray paint.  Two coats will do.

Once it dries, simply hang the cabinets.  This can be a little tricky, my husband and dad had to handle that task because I am vertically challenged. 

We left space between the middle of our cabinets because we are going to make shelves to go in that space and a shelf that extends below the cabinets.  That project will be featured here also.


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