Webbed Belts

When I was a kid, I had several belts like this. 

I liked them because they were completely adjustable and always fit perfectly.  This belt is not difficult to make.  I purchased some webbed ribbon and D rings. 

The spool I bought was four feet in length.  I used the entire length to make this belt.  If you are smaller than me, you may want to cut it down a bit and use a lighter to gently burn the edges.  This picture shows the length of the piece of webbed ribbon.

Please note, when burning the edges, you want the heat from the flame to burn the edges of the ribbon so it does not unravel.  The edges will get crisp.  You do not want the flame to touch the webbed ribbon.  Be careful doing this, you can start a fire. 

An alternative to burning the end of the ribbon is to fold about a quarter inch over and stitch across to tack it down.  Either way will work well for this project.

Once you have the desired length of the belt cut, slip one end of the ribbon through the D rings.  Fold the end down to create a loop for the rings to rest within.  Stitch across to tack that down.

Your belt is done.  Here is what the finished product looked like.  Please forgive me for the blurry picture, it is difficult to take a picture of your own waistline.  This was the best I could do.


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