Biscuit Beignets

Happy Monday!  Okay, so maybe it's not necessarily a "happy" Monday for you, but it's here.  Let's make the best of it.  What better way to make today great than starting it with beignets?  They are pieces of fried bread covered in powdered sugar and they are awesome.

You can make them from scratch, but there is also an easier way to make them.  I learned this method at an after school program I attended in elementary school.  I'm not quite sure where the recipe originated, but I used to beg my mother to let me try it at home.

Simply start with a can of refrigerated biscuits, powdered sugar and cooking oil.

Cut the biscuits in half.  While you are doing that, begin heating the oil.  You can use a Fry Daddy, if you have one, otherwise, you can fry these in a pan.  Fill the pan or fryer with the appropriate amount of oil and allow it to heat.

Drop the halves into the hot oil.  Allow to fry for about thirty seconds, then flip each piece over and fry the other side.

Once the pieces are fried, remove them from the grease and drop them directly into a bowl filled with powdered sugar.  Roll them around in the sugar covering them completely. 

Please excuse the pictures above, I was rolling the beignets around at the time and they are not the best.  Once coated completely, place them on a dish and serve.


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