Wedding Idea: Remembrance Frame

Periodically, I will throw in additional wedding related posts.  A few weeks ago, I did a week focused on wedding related projects.  Who knows?  There may be some bride or future bride out there interested in these wedding posts.

As a tribute to family members we had lost, we wanted to create a way to remind us of their spiritual presence at our wedding.  There is something comforting in remembering loved ones at special moments in your life, such as a wedding.

We decided to do a remembrance frame.  On it, I wrote the following:
Although your chair is empty,
And we're physically apart,
We saved a special place for you,
In our memory and our hearts.
We know you are looking down on us
And celebrating with us in a special way.
Sending your love to fill the room,
As we all enjoy this blessed day.

I came up with this particular language, although I am pretty sure there are most likely similar versions out there on the web.  I simply printed the poem on a sheet of scrapbook paper and framed it.

To accompany the frame, we placed a little decorated chair beside it.  I bought a miniature chair from the craft store and spray painted it silver.  I tied a little piece of organza ribbon around it to look like a chair sash.  Our photographer creatively used it to take pictures of our rings at our reception, here is a picture of how the chair looked.


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