Closet Revamp: Desk to Vanity

This is the first post in a new series I will feature.  In the Closet Revamp series I will be doing several projects to make my closet more functional.  Once all the projects are complete, I plan to do a reveal of how the finished closet looks.

I have never been the type of woman who wanted a vanity at which I could do my makeup and hair.  It just was not something that entered my consciousness, until now.  Lately, I have noticed that while I am doing my hair, especially flat ironing it or setting it on rollers, there is a tinge in my lower back.  Maybe this is because I am standing at the mirror with arms stretched behind my head for an extended period of time, pulling and gliding tools and things throughout my hair.  Perhaps it is a tingling reminder that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  Either way, sitting would be a more comfortable position for me to do my hair.

I began searching for a desk to refinish.  I wanted a desk because I plan to utilize the drawers.  When my dad found out I was in search of a desk, he was generous enough to donate my brother's old desk to me.  My brother spent countless hours at this desk doing his homework and working on projects.  For the most part, the desk is in pretty good shape.  No real as I like to call them "marks of boredom" like you see on school desks when students write and mark on them.  However, he did put several stickers from Chuck E. Cheese all over the desk.

So my first order of business to get this desk in shape was to remove the stickers, if I could, and sand the piece down completely.  Since my closet is white, I will stuck with that color scheme and painted the desk white.  The color in this room will come into play with accents and accessories.  The stickers left a bit of a sticky residue.

I removed the drawers of the desk and unscrewed the hardware.  Then i sanded the desk and the drawers.  Once sanded, wipe the pieces with a barely damp rag to collect the excess dust from the the sanded wood. 

Then, use the spray Rustoleum primer.  For this project, I used white primer.  I use this awesome trigger attachment when spray painting, it makes holding the can less painful.   It also allows you to get a more even coat of paint on your surface.

After the pieces have been primed, I used the Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint in Gloss White to paint the desk.


Since I used the ultra cover paint, I don't need to apply a second coat.  To finish off the piece, I bought new brushed nickel hardware and screwed it onto the vanity.  Here is a before and after comparison of the desk transformed into a vanity.


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