Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

This is a Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree, it is supposed to get between 4 - 6 feet tall at full maturity.  Even though it is smaller in stature, it bears a great deal of lemons.  I found out about this tree while searching for easy to care for items for a  garden.   I am no gardener, I attempt, but often fail to grow plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and spices successfully. 
Source: Pernell Gerver's Online Store
I received this tree as a gift. So far, I have been keeping it up nicely. Several lemons are growing on the tree, looks to be about fourteen or so for now.  I find it works great in a pot on the patio.  My tree is progressing quite well, it looks like this right now.

Here is a closer view of the fruit.

I will keep you posted on the progress. 


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