Break Apart Centerpieces

Mother's Day is fast approaching and it is time to start planning something special for the women in our lives.  I am still working on my plan for this year, but wanted to share a unique idea from last year's festivities.

Since both of my grandmothers are no longer here, Mother's Day, for me, has become about spending the day with my mom, serving and catering to her.  I understand that Mr. C feels the same way about his mother and grandmother.  In an attempt to spend time with everyone for Mother's Day,  we invited our mothers, his grandmother and his aunt to our house for Mother's Day last year.  We cooked lunch for them and even had a little desert planned.

As an added treat for the mothers, I had flower arrangements for them.  I went over to Whole Foods and scoured their beautiful selection of florals.  If you don't already know, Whole Foods has an awesome selection of florals.  I don't represent them in any way and I wasn't paid to say that or anything.  It is the truth, their floral department is fantastic. 

I purchased a few bunches of hydrangeas and a dozen roses.  I trimmed the stems down to make four separate arrangements, placing the hydrangeas in the center of each and roses on the corners.  Then I placed all the arrangements together to make a large centerpiece.  I used some square glass vases to create the centerpiece.

This ended up being a hit, and it was a nice surprise at the end of the day when each of the mothers got to take one home.

I should have taken an overhead picture of the arrangement, but failed to do that.


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