Decorative Glass Vases

I first saw these on Pinterest.  After a little more searching, I came across Martha Stewart's instructions for painting glass.  It can be found here.

First use some surface conditioner for glass paint.  It seems exactly like rubbing alcohol, I may actually try using rubbing alcohol instead the next time I paint glass.  Then, pour in some of the enamel acrylic paint and swirl it around the entire interior surface of the glass. 

I actually used a brush to kind of spread it around some more near the mouth of the vase. 

Then, simply flip the vase upside down on stacks of newspapers.  The excess paint will drip down to the top of the vase.  This should cover any streaks left from the use of the brush.

Once fully covered, but not yet completely dry, wipe the rim of the vases and let dry.  Let them dry for about a day.


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