Making Pillows

I needed some large pillows for an outdoor project I am working on.  Tomorrow, I will share that project with you.  For today, I will show you how to make pillows.  The pillows in this tutorial were made out of 24 x 24 squares.

I folded the fabric in half, with right sides together.  Then, cut out four sets of squares, 24 inches on all sides.  If using a fabric with a pattern, you may want to match the edges of the pattern at the seams so that it looks continuous.

Each set of squares will become a pillow.  For each set of squares, you will follow the same steps.  Sew three of the sides with a straight stitch.  On the last side, sew a row of straight stitches about two thirds of the way across.  Leave the last third open.  This is the entry point for the polyester filling (also called "poly fill").  Flip the pillow inside out so the right side of the fabric is now exposed.

Stuff the pillow with poly fill material through the opening.  Stuff until you reach desired fullness. 

Then, fold in the raw edges of the fabric and pinch it together. 

Don't mind the background objects, Mr. C is studying for finals, so our house is now a study zone.

Hand stitch until you reach the corner.  At the corner, secure the row of stitches with a knot. 

Then, pass the needle through about two or three stitches and tie off with another knot. 

Finally, clip the excess thread off after the knot.


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