We Need To Talk...

"We need to talk", those are the scariest words.  You are left to wonder what needs to be talked about, if it is something good or bad.  In our case here, we simply need to talk about some changes to the blog.

I enjoy doing this blog, but for me, this is a hobby.  I do not generate any type of income from this blog.  So, in real life, I have a full time job and a slew of other responsibilities.  Posting here five days a week has become quite time consuming.  I am the type of person that when I do something, I do it 100% effort.  As a result, I have kind of let the blog take over my life.  I have forgone doing things with my family and friends to complete projects, take pictures, write and edit.  While doing this, I often lose track of time and when I get up from my computer, an entire Saturday has passed or an evening after work is gone.

So, I have decided to take it down a notch here on the blog.  Rather than posting five days a week, I will post twice a week, maybe three.  This will alleviate some of the pressure I feel to hurry up and complete projects I've started just to get them posted on the blog.  It will also enhance the quality of the projects I do.

This was a hard decision for me to make.  I feel like I am letting my readers down.  Even though I have a small following, I still feel a sense of responsibility to those reading.  However, this is the best decision at this time in my life.  I hope you all can understand and continue to read the blog.


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