Early Girls Gone Bye

Considering my Early Girl tomatoes were doing so well at the beginning of the season, they have now died.  Well, I think they would have still been thriving had we not gone on vacation.  We went out of town for about six days earlier this summer.  It seems when we returned, they were goners. 

I tried to think of what could have gone wrong.  Here are a few ideas that could have been factors:
  • It was at least 100 degrees everyday while we were out of town.  The plant most likely needed additional watering to accommodate for the dryness of the soil.
  • I never got around to purchasing a cage, which might have helped support the vines as they grew.  I am not sure if this was truly a factor in my failure to keep the plant alive as the plant never got really tall. 
  • I also, never put any additional plant food after the initial soil.  I should have provided more nutrients for the plant.  I'm pretty sure this was a big contributing factor in the demise of the tomatoes.
Look at my sad pathetic little plant.

So my plan is to toss this one out, and start all over with the tomatoes...next season.  Hopefully the next try is more successful, although it was good while the tomatoes ripened.


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