Vinyl Wall Decal for Closet

We received a "Bless this Home" vinyl wall decal as a housewarming gift and I absolutely loved it.  Vinyl decals are a great decorative touch and easy to install.  Now, as to how easy they are to remove, I am unsure.  However, I do not anticipate having to remove them for a while. 

I wanted to find a wall decal for my closet that would be something inspiring.  One of the people I have always admired is Audrey Hepburn.  I love her outlook on life and the class she exuded in both real life and the characters she portrayed on screen.  While searching for inspirational quotes, I came across this quote from her and decided to use it for the wall decal.   

This one was purchased from from a vendor called Wheeler3Designs.  There are a few other sellers that have this particular item on the Internet.  Wheeler3Designs got this to me quickly and it arrived just as described.

To install the vinyl decal, first wipe down the surface where the decal will go.  Then put the decal against the wall, there should be a paper backing facing outward.  Run a credit card over each part of the decal.  This part can take a little time, but make sure all parts of the vinyl stick to the wall.  Once the entire decal has been rubbed onto the wall, gently pull the paper backing away from the wall. 

Now I catch a glimpse of this in the mornings before leaving the house, and it makes me smile.


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