Trick for Removing Paint

A little trick I use to remove paint is nail polish remover.  We are currently working on a major project, which we will feature on the blog as soon as it is done.  However, this project involved the use of white paint, which we got all over our skin.  Mr. C even got some paint on the back of his iPhone case.  Plain old nail polish remover will remove paint, stain and even permanent marker and ink from stamps.

Here is some of the paint on my hand.

All you have to do is take a Q-tip, soak it in nail polish remover and rub off the paint.  I did the exact same thing to remove the paint from Mr. C's iPhone case too.

Voila!  That is all it takes.

NOTE:  This trick seems to work on everything except fabric.  I tried it, and the attempt was unsuccessful.  


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