Wedding Idea: Pocket Invitations - Assembly

This tutorial is the final part in the Pocket Invitations Series.  Part I on creating the pockets can be found here.  Part II on printing and cutting the materials can be found here.

The first step in this phase is to adhere the invite panel to the pocket backing.  Paste the panel on the backing, meaning the pocket should be on the opposite side from the invite.  I used rubber cement to do this because it is easy to clean up if some glue gets outside of the pasted area.  If that happens, all you have to do is simply rub it off.

The invisible ink pen is pictured below was used to number the invitations. It has been so long since I bought it, I actually do not remember exactly where i purchased it. However, if you do a search online for "invisible pen with UV light", several online vendors will appear selling them. Also, I am pretty sure you might be able to find them at a store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby, maybe even Target or Wal-Mart.

I assigned a number to each guest and wrote that number in the bottom corner of the card to the corresponding guest.  The easiest way to do this is to address the envelopes first and write the numbers as you stuff the invitations into the envelopes.  You might wonder what the point of this would be.   Well, this was done in case some forgot to write their name on their RSVP card.  It is a tip I received from another bride.  If we received a card back that simply said yes, we plan to attend, but the guest did not write their name on the card, I would be able to use the number to determine which guest was responding by looking back at the guest list with assigned numbers. I did end up having to do this for a few guests and found it quite helpful.

On the back of the RSVP card, the card that looks like a postcard, I wrote the assigned number with the invisible ink pen.  The ink of this pen can only be seen when the ultraviolet light is shone over it.  Included is a picture of the light exposing the number, but it did not come out very well, but I am pretty sure you get the picture.

Then, stack the inserts from shortest to tallest and stuff them into the pocket.  You should be able to see the each heading from the pocket.

That is all there is to it.  I know there are a lot of steps, but once you get into a rhythm the process seems to go pretty quickly.


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