Patriotic Wreath

Independence Day is fast approaching, it is time to make a patriotic wreath in honor of the day.  This wreath can also be used for Memorial Day.  It is simply made with ribbon, a wreath form and foam stars.

For this project, you will need a Styrofoam wreath, red, white and blue ribbon and some white foam stars.  The pack I purchased happened to have red, white and blue stars in it.

Start by pinning the white ribbon at the back with stick pins to hold it in place.  Then, wrap the white ribbon around three quarters of the way, skipping enough space in between to fit the red ribbon.

Then do the same with the red ribbon, leaving the white ribbon peeking out in between the red.  Secure the end with stick pins.

Wrap the last third of the wreath with the blue ribbon.  This time overlap the ribbon, not leaving any space showing through.  Secure the end with pins.

Flip the wreath over so that the pins are at the back.  Place the white stars over the solid blue portion of the wreath.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere the stars to the blue ribbon.

I tied a piece of blue ribbon around the wreath for it to hang on the hook that was already on my front door.


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