Bookcases from Pop

These bookcases were made by my grandfather over 30 years ago.  I cannot begin to tell you what an awesome man he was.  It has been 12 years today since he passed away.  This is why it was important for me to talk about these bookcases today.  It also happens to be my Dad's birthday today.  My Dad, a great man just like his father, is the one who gave the bookcases to us.

The bookcases were first given to my parents at the beginning of their marriage as part of a larger entertainment center.  I remember when my dad had his component set prominantly displayed on them.  I have many memories of Christmas music coming from the record player while we decorated the trees with stockings hanging from the shelves.  On rainy Saturdays, Dad would play some music for us and we would dance and sing.  As the decor in my parents house got updated, the bookcases ended up being used in my Dad's work room. 

When we moved into our house, we originally planned to build bookcases to fit in our living room.  We mentioned this to my parents and my Dad offered these bookcases.  He wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them as much as he did.  We were thrilled, but I did make it clear my plans to make some changes to them just to be sure he would be okay with it.

We have not yet begun the work on the bookcases just yet, but I will keep you updated once the work is complete.  Since these have been through a lot, there is some cosmetic work that needs to be done.  Also, we are considering building a set of shelves to go in between the two bookcases so we can cut an opening for the outlet behind the unit.  I will keep you posted on the final outcome of this project. I'm feeling really sentimental about this one.


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