Little Red Corvette...Or Atomic Orange Corvette Cake

Remember the fondant I made?  Well, this is what I ended up making with it.

For some reason, the song "Little Red Corvette" was stuck in my head the whole time I worked on this cake.  This was my first attempt at a corvette.  Some of the details are a little off for my tastes.  One thing I learned is to be certain about placement of the elements of detail (such as wheels, windows, lights, etc.) before placing them on the cake.  Once you put these elements on the cake, you cannot pull them off the bottom layer of fondant without ripping the fondant off the cake.  This is because the colored paste used to "paint" on the color acts as a bonding agent also.

To do this, I first stacked four layers of 11 x 14, putting a layer of icing between each. 

I then created a template of the car on parchment paper, based on pictures.  The template was cut out and placed on the side of the cake, using toothpicks to secure it to the cake.

Using a serrated knife, I cut out the side profile of the car.

Then, I worked on the front and back of the car.  When working on the front and back, this is when you will want to trim the sides of the car as well.  Once the cake had been cut it looked like this.

Coat the cake with a layer of buttercream icing.  Then cover the cake with the rolled out fondant.  Cut away the excess.  To color, create "paint" by mixing a drop of gel color and about a tablespoon of vodka.  If color is too light, add a little more of the gel color to it.

Using a food safe paint brush, paint on the color.

Once the body of the car is painted, cut lights for the front of the car and those can be left white.  I also cut lights for the rear of the car and colored them a reddish color to resemble tail lights.  Then, I cut windows for the front back and sides, as well as tires for all four sides.  I put the details on the car using a little buttercream on the back to adhere them.  Then, I painted on the colors for each using the same method used for the paint on the body of the car.

As I mentioned before, this was my first attempt at a fondant covered car.  I'm used to simply covering a round or rectangular cake with fondant, which is much simpler.  The next time I do this, I have some modifications in mind to make it better. 


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