Honey Face Mask

I have known that honey has several beneficial qualities.  Here, we have already used it as an ingredient for a deep conditioner for hair.  This time, I wanted to explore it's benefits of honey for the face.  See, I just used regular clover honey.

I had heard of people doing honey masks for the face.  Some mixed the honey with other ingredients, but others simply used honey.  I plan to try a honey and oats scrub and a honey and brown sugar scrub in the near future.  However, this time, I focused only on honey.

Simply splash your face with warm water.  Then apply the honey generously to your face.  Gently spread evenly.  Allow the honey to sit on your face for 10 minutes. 

Rinse off the honey.  Your face will feel refreshed and smooth.  The first time I used this mask, I was having problems with my face.  I had developed dry, red, flaky patches that itched when dry and burned if I put any kind of moisturizer on the patches.  Out of sheer desperation, I gave this honey mask a shot until I could get in to see a dermatologist.  It was the only thing that seemed to provide soothing relief for my face.  After completing the mask, the flaky part kind of hardened and I was able to just sort of rub it away.  This proved a good temporary fix for me, as I was able to at least go out in public without white patches on my face.

My plan is to incorporate this mask into my weekly routine.


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