Nice Gestures For Your Spouse

Nice gestures are simple things you can do to be thoughtful.  Here, I have listed a few of them.  These things do not cost a lot of money, with a little extra effort these can be accomplished.

I try to treat my husband like I want to be treated.  And to be honest, not just to knock the men, it takes them a bit longer to catch on to this sometimes.  All of the gestures mentioned here work both ways.  Either you could do them for your someone special, or you could show them this post in hopes they do some of these things for you.

1.  Cook together
Sometimes, when I cook dinner by myself, it feels a little lonely.  Some days I am okay with cooking alone because I am just trying to get something on the table quickly.  Other days, the feeling of loneliness makes cooking seem like such a chore.  To change it up, try cooking with your spouse from time to time.  It can be fun.  It is also a great way to spend some time talking.  To spice it up a little, break out some wine as you prepare dinner.

2.  Go on a picnic
Parks are still free!  Take advantage of that and pack a simple lunch, bring drinks and a blanket and just hang out together.  There is something therapeutic about slowing down and being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

3.  Leave a sticky note
Put a sticky note on your spouse's car steering wheel or mirror with a nice phrase.  It could be a simple "I love you" or "I'm proud of you".  People thrive off positive affirmations.  Generally, we associate those tactics with children, but adults like to hear when they are loved, appreciated and/or doing a good job from time to time.  It makes muddling through the day to day a little more worth it.

4.  Turn your home into a restaurant
One day, I came home from work and Mr. C had turned all the lights off, lit candles on our dinner table and had me to sit at the table.  He placed a plate of food in front of me.  Now, if you are like Mr. C and not a gourmet cook just yet, you can pick up food from your favorite restaurant and bring it home.  Or if you would prefer, you can cook the meal yourself.

5.  Take him to a secret location
Tell your spouse to get in the car and take them somewhere.  It does not have to be any place super special, it could be the movie theatre or simply going out to eat.  The element of surprise just makes things that more special.  This move is sure to put a smile on your spouse's face.

6.  Gain access to an event he has been eyeing
Buy tickets to an event your spouse has been wanting to attend.  The price range on this can vary dependent upon the type of event.  Listen to your partner, find out if there is some place they have been wanting to go.  This shows you are listening and paying attention to them.

7.  Play a game together
Break out the old board and card games.  Get competitive with your spouse.  Have fun!  It is okay to be an adult and have fun at the same time. 

8.  Plan a "Guys Night" for him and friends
Invite his friends over to hang out. This is the perfect idea for the night of a big game. Leave them with plenty of food (snacks and/or pizza will do) and the fridge stocked with their favorite sodas and spirits. While you get out of their hair for a few hours, you could actually use this opportunity to spend time with your friends out.
9.  Pick up one of his chores for him
If your spouse is the one who cuts the grass, takes out the trash, or is your house chef, offer to pick up a task for him. If he refuses your offer to do his work for him, perhaps you could offer to help. Two people mowing the lawn moves a lot faster than one.
10.  Write a letter
Yes, an old fashioned letter, with paper and pen. Write a letter to let your spouse know how much you appreciate them, or if you are particularly proud of some type of recent accomplishment. Some people actually still enjoy receiving letters. There is something special about opening a physical letter.

The point of all this is to spend a little more time connecting with your significant other.  Take a few minutes or hours to enjoy each other's company and or lighten his load a bit.  Life gets monotonous and day in and day out you do the same things over and over.  By breaking up that routine, you can keep things interesting in your relationship.


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