Coupon & Menu Pocket for Refrigerator

Do you have a collection of takeout menus and restaurant coupons stuffed in a drawer somewhere?  We do.  Or at least we did, before I created this nifty little coupon and menu holder that hangs on our refrigerator.  Before, it just seemed these items did not have a place anywhere.  Now they do.

I used a piece of cardboard, leftover from a recent shipment.  The cardboard measured 9 1/4 by 12 1/2 inches.  I used a scrap of fabric I had.  You will need enough fabric to cover both sides of the cardboard, with about a half inch of overlap on all sides and a third piece of fabric that measures 6 1/2 x 10 1/2.  The fabric I used was one consecutive piece, so I cut it down as I worked on the project.  You will also need Mod Podge, a ruler, a hole puncher and a hot glue gun.

First, punch a few holes at the top center of the cardboard to make a larger hole.  Here I punch five to expand the original hole. 

Then, adhere fabric to one side of the cardboard using Mod Podge.  If you have angled corners on your cardboard like me, wrap the fabric around them to keep the shape.  It is okay to glue it to the other side of the cardboard because the second piece of fabric will cover that part anyway.


Then, glue the second piece of fabric to the other side.  I started in the middle and worked my way to the edges.  When doing the edges, you will need to fold under the excess so that a clean edge of the fabric meets the edge of the cardboard.   

This will create the look of a seam.

Once both sides of the cardboard are covered with fabric, feel for the hole at the top and use the hold punch to place a single hole at the top center of the piece.  This will be for hanging the holder from the magnetic hook. 

Now to create pockets, use the third piece of fabric (6 1/2 x 10 1/2) iron about a quarter inch down to create a clean edge again.  Place your folded sheet of paper as a template for the menu holder on the left side of the surface.  Then put the ironed straight edge of the fabric over the paper with about a half in of overlap to the left, right and bottom of the cardboard backing. 

Place one hand over the menu portion to hold the fabric steady, then flip the right side over your left hand.  Put a single line of hot glue on the cardboard backing.

Flip the fabric back in place, pressing down to create a divide. 

Now use the hot glue to secure the sides and bottom of the pocket.  Leave a little slack so the pockets can hold more than a few menus and coupons. This is a view of the back.

Then use a magnetic hook to hang the pocket on the refrigerator.



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