Reversible Head Tie

I love head ties, headbands, scarves!  I went through a phase in college where I wore one almost everyday.  Since joining the professional workforce, I have pulled back a little.  Mainly because the scarves and head ties don't always match with the style of my work clothes.  I still love them.  I started making them reversible so I would have more of a variety. 

 I use two complimentary fabrics.  Usually, I prefer to use a print and a solid. 

First, cut two long strips long enough to go around your head and have a little to hang.  I make mine about two and a half inches wide. 

Put right sides together.  With a sewing machine, sew edges of long sides together.  Flip the piece and do the same on the other longest side.  You don't have to use a sewing machine, but it is easier to use one.  However, all of this can also be done by hand.

Once the sides have been done, flip the piece to the right side.

Fold the ends to the inside of the piece and sew across on both ends. 

That's it!  Now you have a reversible head tie.


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