Wedding Idea: Personalizing Canvas Tote Bags

Wedding season has begun.  We did a lot of projects for our wedding nearly two years ago.  This week, I will share with you tutorials for some of those projects.

The first project is a canvas mini personalized tote bag.  I put all of the gifts for my ladies in these bags.  I liked these because they can be reused. 

I purchased these bags,  individual iron on letters and one inch wide grosgrain ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

100% Cotton Canvas Tote Value Pack
Source: Hobby Lobby
Old English Iron-On Letter - A
Source: Hobby Lobby
First, I sewed the ribbon around the top of the bag.  It was positioned about an inch from the top of the bag.  I also used a natural colored thread to match the bag and provide a little contrast on the ribbon.  Sew all the way around at the top edge of the ribbon and do the same around the bottom edge.  You want the thread to show a little.

Center the iron on letter on the bag.  Place a thin piece of cloth over the carefully positioned iron on letter to provide a barrier from the direct heat of the iron.  Iron over the cloth to adhere the letter to the bag.  Set bag aside to let the glue cool and you are done.


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