Wedding Idea: Wedding Banner

We wanted to personalize our wedding as much as possible. In an attempt to do so, we created a wedding banner to be hung from the interior balcony in our reception space. I had seen other brides create banners on The Knot, it looked fairly easy to replicate.

For the project, we used a yard of satin fabric, acrylic paint in whatever colors desired, a thin rod from Lowe's, rope (to hang the banner) and thick satin bias tape.

First, upload your graphic for the banner, we used our monogram, to the Block Posters website ( This is a free website that will tile print your design based on dimensions you provide. Once your tile print has been generated, you can print the pages from the PDF file provided. Tape the pages together to create a template, this part is kind of similar to a puzzle.

Place the template underneath the satin (right side of the fabric should be facing up). Use a pencil to trace the design onto the satin fabric.

Once your pencil tracing is complete, paint the design on following the lines of the traced design.

Once the paint has dried completely, add the bias tape to the left, right and bottom edges of the banner. For this part I cheated, my mother did this for me. The bias tape should be folded in half, with the edge of the banner in between the two pieces of bias tape. It should be secured in place with a single stitch near the bottom edge of the tape.

At the top of the banner, fold about two inches over towards the back of the banner. Sew to secure, this will create a loop through which the thin rod can be placed. The rod should extend a little past the banner once it is in place. Tie the rope around the ends of the wooden rod. When the rope is held up from the center, it should form a triangle just above the banner.

Note: To protect the privacy of Mr. C and I, I have altered the picture of the banner to block out our names.   Should you decide to take on this project, your banner will look better.


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