Wedding Idea: Ring Bearer Pillow & Flower Girl Basket

Ring Bearer Pillow

To make the pillow, I took a piece of satin, folded it with right sides together and cut out two 12 x 12 squares.  Sew three of the four sides of the squares together.  On the fourth side, sew a third of the way from the left, then sew a third of the way from the right corner.  This should leave you with about a third of the length open in the middle.  Flip the pillow inside out, so the right sides are now out.  Use batting to stuff the pillow.  Once you have achieved the desired "puffiness", as I like to call it, of the pillow.  Hand stitch the open edge close.  You will have to fold in the raw edges in a little as you stitch so they are not exposed.

Wrap a piece of 1 1/2 inch thick ribbon around the center of the pillow.  To secure it, tack the ends down by stitching the ribbon to the front center of the pillow.  The ends should overlap a little in the front.  For the bow.  Take another piece of that same ribbon, fold the ends back (there will be a little overlap).  With a piece of thread, tie the middle where the two pieces overlap.  This will create the look of a bow in the front and the fabric should gather at the middle.  Then, take a small piece of 1  inch ribbon and wrap it over the thread, securing it with hot glue in the back.  Your bow is done. 

Glue the back of the bow to the center of the pillow, over the tacked ends of the ribbon that was wrapped around the pillow.

We wanted to "ring bearer proof" our ring bearer pillow, if that makes any sense.  At the time of our wedding, the ring bearer was four years old.  He did any excellent job for our wedding, but we knew before the ceremony he would be swinging and tossing that pillow all over the place.  So we made two loops with 1/4 inch organza ribbon, threaded the ribbon through fake rings and glued them under the bow on the pillow.

Flower Girl Basket

The flower girl basket started with a plain wicker basket with a handle.  To cover the handle, wrap 1 1/2 inch thick satin ribbon around it, overlapping just a little as you work your way around to the other end of the handle.  Then, secure the ends with hot glue. 

I used satin left over from the ring bearer pillow to cover the basket completely.  I used hot glue to adhere the fabric to the basket.  To finish off the project, I used a different color ribbon to tie little bows on both sides of the basket.


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