Pantry Organization

I was so inspired by the pantry at the House of Smiths blog, I wanted to organize our own pantry.  Click here to see her gorgeous pantry.  The items needed to be visible and accessible.  I spent an entire day organizing this pantry.  I did not paint the pantry, but I did put down some black shelf liner.

I found these nifty little woven baskets on sale at Bath and Body Works for a $1 each.  It was a steal, I bought a bunch of them and use them in various areas all over the house. 

For the pantry, I used them to hold saran wrap, plastic bags, aluminum foil and other similar items.  I also used them to hold cupcake tins and extra vanilla extract I had on the second shelf.  On the third shelf, I put all of my powdered sugar in one of the baskets.  And on the last shelf, I put snacks in the basket.

For dry items such as sugar, flour, bread flour, wheat flour, I used glass Anchor Hocking containers.  I ordered them from Bed, Bath and Beyond in store and was able to use a coupon for each one purchased.  This cannot be done online, it has to be done in store, but it was so worth my time. 

I made labels on the computer for each of the jars.

Here is the finished product.  I am pretty pleased with the results, this pantry is organized and functional.


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