Shape Cakes Without Special Pans

Making cakes with shapes is not as hard as it may seem.  There are pans out there for all kinds of cakes, but you can make your own template.

Draw your desired shape on the parchment paper.  With kitchen scissors, cut out the shape.  This will be your template. 

Secure the template to your cake with toothpicks.

Once your template is in place, use the serrated knife to gently cut away the parts of the cake that extend beyond the template.  I usually do this in sections, squaring off my cuts with the edge of the cake.  This helps me cut more accurately.

If you have a shape, such as the "B" I am working on here, that has sections from the middle of the cake that need to be cut out, simply cut them.  Then, dig out the chunk from the middle section.  You may want to use a spoon to scoop out any left over crumbs.

This is what it looks like once all parts have been discarded.

Once all parts around the template have been cut out, carefully remove the template from the cake. 

Do a crumb coat on the cake to capture the existing crumbs in the first layer of icing.  Let the cake sit in the refrigerator so the icing can harden a bit.  After about an hour, take it out and finish icing the cake. 

Decorate as desired.


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